Monday, 30 May 2016

Downt'pub: Burnt Pig's First Birthday

Back about a year ago I said that I would have to make the Burnt Pig a proper local haunt and go there more often. It took me over six months to make good on that but I have now been going approximately every week for a while now (long enough to build up some posts that I haven't yet published). So it stood to reason that I would go and sample what was on offer on the Birthday Party some time around 4pm.

From Pubs Galore - it was wonderfully sunny and dry, also busy
when I went.

As to the rest of the posts, I shall be attempting to publish those over the coming week to get this place back up to date and operative again. We shall see. Would you like to know more?

Being more of a pub review than an ale review I only stayed for a single half. There were two reasons for this: one was that I arrived later than I suspect most celebrants and thus it was very busy. Heaving one might say, which is excellent, and people were having lots of fun. Being less enamoured of crowds this meant that I was likely only to stop by for a little bit. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, I had my tea to get back home to. Nevertheless, the welcome at the bar remained friendly, despite the press, and the bar staff were as always very nice. Thank you, bar staff! I plumbed for a Tiny Rebel One Inch Punch, a 3.9% ABV golden ale, and retired to the back room.

In the middle room there was a live band playing, which was nice, with a crowd that was getting very much into the spirit of things and singing along with gusto. Several pies had been consumed, everyone had a goodly amount of ale and it was actually a very pleasant and warm atmosphere. As I continued to the back room, easily my favourite part of the place, I sampled the ale. The nose was floral shot through with hard notes of citrus and lemon. It had a fruity, zesty edge to it and a good head had built that was creamy but atop a nicely carbonated brew beneath. The taste made good on the aroma, though erred more toward the cascade and chinook side of things than the fruity and full bouquet of more floral ales. It was a surprisingly full mouthfeel too, though definitely a quenching one that would stand well against the pies and cheese had I decided to spend more of the money I don't actually have to get in some food. It was, in many ways, most pleasant.

One live band.

Heading back to the bar I noted that the crowd had increased (if such a thing were possible) and that the One Inch Punch was popular enough that there was none left! A switch had been made to Pail by Shiny and I very nearly stopped for a second half but the mood had taken me and I departed, happy that I'd been able to pop in and wish the place a happy birthday, for my tea and some weeding in the garden. Because I know how to live!


  1. Looking forward to more Burnt Pig reviews this week!