Thursday, 5 May 2016

Beer Review: Cocker Hoop

Another day, another chance for an ale of an evening. Can't say I've been too busy, but the chance to kick back and have some of the malted stuff is always welcome. And now seems like the best time for it. So, tonight, without further ado I plumbed for something a little lighter than most of my shelf of ill-gotten gains and went with Cocker Hoop by Jennings. About the closest I'll ever get to a home-team, I suppose, in the beer brewing world. All that and I have a moderately bad back.

So, we come again to this point and we know where we are going next. My blog is nothing if not predictable and consistent. So, would you like to know more?

Lots of pent-up fury in this one as I opened the bottle, filled the neck with the white smoke of carbonation that had to be blown away before pouring, bubbles already threatening before the bottle was moved. Lively on the pour, big frothy head (though I rather suspect that someone, that someone being me, may not have rinsed out the glass well enough the last time it was washed). Good copper colour to this in the darker light, but clearly a golden ale in hue when under the harsher glare of the big light (and thus I further show me Northern roots, well, me Lancastrian ones any road). Nevertheless, that head does calm down somewhat to leave a creamier looking affair with the top up. Aroma is reassuringly simple with a definite hint of malt and some fresh citrus from the hops. The bottle claims it won a world beer competition, so that's reassuring.

Definite malt on the tongue, followed by a yeast spearing through the bubbles and with a citrus kick as the whole thing runs down to the aftertaste, finishing up with a dry and bracken-like aftertaste with memories of yeast and citrus hops. Willow tried it and claims that it starts with yeast before hitting malt and then fading to a lemon-zest aftertaste. It was like beer. I can back that up, it is definitely like a beer and it is nice enough. Good rolling movement and a definite candidate for being a top golden ale, I can well understand the prize, I'm just not as much of a golden ale fan. Still, you can't go wrong around spring time with a bottle of this and I suspect it would do well with a spicy meal - I'm thinking along the lines of Thai curry or peri-peri chicken.

Overall, this is a spring time ale in my opinion rather than a summer one. It's got all the hallmarks one would expect of a summer brew - what with citrus hops and a bit of yeasty undertone - but it lacks that dry quality that allows a full blown summer explosion. I quite like it, and not just out of loyalty, but I've had it before and I was in much the same mind - it's good for an evening at the right price but it's not one to get in and have handy. At least, not for me.

I like to think that this is a sort of sessionable ale, even though it's 4.2% ABV, but it probably lacks something for that sort of endeavour. Good enough, like Dodgy, but I shall be sticking to my IPAs and my stouts in the meantime.


  1. Wow you just sent me right back into the summer of the mid-1990s with that last reference. Great review.

    1. Thank you!

      I always preferred "In a Room" if I'm honest.