Thursday, 28 April 2016

Beer Review: Bad King John

I've been waiting to try this for almost three years. My colleague at work who is awesome, whom I shan't name but she knows who she is, brought the bottle in as a means of starting conversation with a Year 7 class - there may have been more to the story, this is the bit that resonated with me - and it's been sat there, on her desk, ever since. And, ever since, I see it every time I go in the room. She thinks I'm there on official business but no, I'm lusting after this dang ale. I finally saw this on sale in the local supermarket and bought it almost without thinking, it's one of the more expensive bottles I've bought at £3!

What can this wonder-ale be? Well, here's the saddest part, it's Bad King John and there's nothing that special about it, so I'm reliably informed. And I don't really care whether it's special or not, it's been taunting me for nearly three years and now I get to complete that quest and maybe even unlock an achievement or something. Who knows, right? So, onward! For victory!

I know very little French and even less Medieval English, so would you like to know more?

Sunday, 24 April 2016

Downt'pub: Light up the fire

Another chance to sample the delights that my locals have to offer. I'll be honest, I expected to stay in one place this evening but ended up traipsing around between two local offerings. I have to say that the welcome was excellent, as always, in the Burnt Pig and the staff were very indulgent of a half-cut hairy beast in the local JDW: The Observatory. Also, this was all at the encouragement of my wife and I can't really pass up an opportunity to go out and get some halves in on the suggestion of someone else, can I?

Come, fair web-traveller, join me on a journey twixt two public houses so to sample the ale-libations and delights that are contained therein. Would you like to know more?

Thursday, 21 April 2016

Beer Review: Distiller's Cask Range

Ever since its appearance when drinking with a friend of mine over by the Major Oak (see this review) I have been hankering after this one. It had been produced with much fanfare by my drinking colleague as being acquired at the brewery itself as a limited edition. We both agreed on the evening that it was a good ale and worth having again, and I have been on the look out for it ever since. Imagine my surprise and happiness, then, when I found it on offer at 80p a pop!

I know, I couldn't quite believe it either! I bought eight. Drank them all. Bought a nice round dozen and then distributed some to my work colleagues and then realised that I hadn't actually got round to reviewing it on its own yet. Well, far be it from me to do such a thing! Thus we move onto this evening's entertainment: Distiller's Cask Range from Theakston's. And a lovely brew it is too.

And, yes, that is the glass I acquired from my first beer festival earlier in the year, yes. I do rather like it, almost fits the full 330ml in a single glass without looking too silly. Would you like to know more?

Sunday, 17 April 2016

Downt'pub: Fancy a Cwtch?

I came out to the pub recently because I noted that my local, The Burnt Pig, had some Cwtch in by Tiny Rebel and that alone was enough to make me rise from my table where I do my marking and take some spare change the long five minute walk to their door and throw it at the nearest person behind the bar in return for some sweet beer lovin'. Or, you know, I thought I'd pop down the pub for a swift half or so. It was a nice enough evening and balmy enough despite the lingering effects of the winter clinging on the breeze and this augured well.

Would you like to know more?

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Beer Review: Boon Doggle

Oooh, what's that? Why, it is the sun and the air is relatively still! Bees are in the garden and the daffodils are in bloom. I have a small child bouncing on the trampoline with the excitement and enthusiasm that it seems only small children can muster and maintain. I am, of course, avoiding work and all work-related stress by sitting and having an ale, is there really any other way to do this? If my colleagues are reading this then please do not worry, I am sure I'll be back to being stressed and working too damn' hard soon enough. In the meantime, I am going to sit awhile and enjoy the tender mercies of Boon Doggle by Ringwood Brewery. I am surprised to find that this is actually the first time I've had this, I was a fan of their Old Thumper back in the day.

Enough, I'm no poet and I think I am trying too hard, to the ale!

Would you like to know more?

Thursday, 7 April 2016

Beer Review: Hopping Hog IPA

It is time to embrace the lengthening days and the greater sunlight, time to try something that is green and spring-like in container. It is time to break out the carefully hoarded gains from down south and start feasting on what lies within. Apart from the chocolate lager, of course, I appear to have already done away with most of that. No, I speak instead of the Hopping Hog IPA that is, as it claims, an IPA and is, as it further claims, full of hops. Some of them are local hops that have been grown in and around the site of the brewery and lovely countryside it is around there too!

Is this enough to whet your appetite? I do hope so. Now, follow me to find out more!

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Downt'pub: I want it all

My local, in Ilkeston, is a nice place. Maybe you've heard me talk about it before? It's the Burnt Pig Ale 'Ouse, and has really gone from strength to strength since I went to the opening night. From having a buffet on for free over Christmas to opening a new room at the back to accommodate the punters and having a good selection of constantly shifting interesting ales this place is very much a place that I have enjoyed coming back to again and again. And I'm not even being paid for writing all this puff, it just is that nice a place. I can't claim to know any of the staff well enough to be recognised, I don't go often enough, but there is definitely a community feel to the place and so it was when I found myself with time of an evening that Willow suggested I go there for a swift half.

I don't need telling twice, despite what my wordiness might suggest!

So, care to walk with me to the local ale 'ouse and sample some of their wares? You would? Excellent, then let's adjourn there now, shall we?