Thursday, 29 May 2014

Beer Review: Dark India Pale Ale

Tonight, Matthew, I shall be mostly trying something what is specially brewed for Tesco. In doing this I know that I'm selling my soul but it did intrique me and I have to know, dammit. It is Revisionist Dark India Pale Ale and thus is the first ale to come under two headings in my new system,. Bully for them. Interestingly, the brewmasters of Wychwood are the ones behind this little number, which would suggest that they have their fingers in many pies.

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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Beer Review: Dragonfire

Sunny days are here again, the bees are in the breeze and the childrens are playing with play-dough or, rather, they were. Right now they're in bed. Anyway, it's time for another beer in my garden because I can and because I am having more beer than I'm used to and for no other real reason. Today was the turn of something I picked up cheap, because it was brewed for St. George's Day and that was a while ago now, and from a brewery I seem to enjoy. It is, of course, Dragonfire by the people at Shepherd Neame. It also marks the first ale that I had real trouble categorising in this new style blog - I went with amber even though the colour was a nuttier dark brown than that. Not ruby though.

I know, I know, that image is a bit arty for this blog. Well, I can't claim credit for the image. My phone has been playing up. I stole this from the Google image search.

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Thursday, 22 May 2014

Beer Review: Inferno

This little beauty was, believe it or not, a Valentine's Day present from Willow. However, with one thing and another I had not got round to drinking it. I'd been waiting for a special occasion I think but there hasn't really been such a thing since when it was presented and so... well, I caved and decided that I would have it tonight for no particular reason.

It is, of course, Oakham Ales's Inferno that promises to ignite my taste buds with flickering hops of five varieties from the Yakima Valley. Well. I have no clue where that is and even less what is meant by 'flickering' in this case, but it does rather sound 'ticing, no?

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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Beer Review: Random Toss

Summer is here! Lovely weekend with lovely weather and a garden in which to enjoy it. First chance to try out the bench (it's a bit wobbly) and actually have meals outdoors. Obviously, in such glorious sunshine, I had to have beers. Now, I won't be making a habit of this (I hope) as I suspect that one can have too many beers but here is the first Sunday beer review since I started this stupid idea.

It is an honour that goes to Random Toss by Flipside and is something that Willow picked up for me whilst out at Wollaton - seems that place may be good for random craft ales. Mind you, it can also pile on the price and there's a local brewery will do for cheaper. Can't sniff at craft ales though.

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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Beer Review: Efes Draft

This was given as part of an Easter gift, along with the Stallion (here), and shares with it that idea of being from somewhere else: Turkey in this case. Never heard of it before, though the net says that it is quite well known. Yes, it's a beer review; yes, I can make them last longer than they really need to and yes, tonight it is the turn of Efes' Draft from, uh, the Efes Group of breweries.

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Thursday, 8 May 2014

Beer Review: Perfect 5th

Imagine my nerdy joy and squeeing when I found that there was a micro-brewery that I could get to direct. I was much too shy and scared to actually go into their brewery, that'll have to wait until another time, but I was very pleased to have found it. And, now I've found it, I can go back again and again. There are many other micro-brewery beers that are sold through them too, as one would expect from a support group, and so I shall be going back and sampling ales that are not of this brewery.

Of what brewery do I speak (I don't actually hear you asking, but this is my blog and I can pretend whatever I want)? It is Nutbrook Brewery and the first of their six wide stable that I shall be having is their Perfect 5th because I can and because I had been ranting about it to my father who wished to try some with me when he was up. So, although I'm doing this on an evening, it was actually had at lunchtime with some pizza, nachos, and basic snacky foods.

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Sunday, 4 May 2014


Our eldest has got to that age, you know the one, where we can be assailed by Disney in all it's glory and I can become vaguely current with my pop-culture references should the films be the right ones. And, so it came to pass, that about a year after everyone else in the world saw it we have a copy of Frozen in the house and the children can watch it. If they watch it, it follows that we, as the parents, get to watch it too. And, if I watch something, I tend to review it.

So that's what this is, it's a film review. I know, I know, I said that I wasn't finding it easy to post things that weren't beer reviews and that hasn't really changed but, hey, my blog my rules.

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Oh, there will be spoilers.

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Beer Review: Wychcraft

It's been rather a long time since I tried anything from the Wychwood stable. My bruising experience with Forest Fruits (here) probably had something to do with that. However, on a trip to a less than local Co-Op whilst out at a large Hall with the family I picked up a selection of ales that I hadn't seen anywhere else.

Yes, along with a lovely chilli-con-carne (well, more chilli-con-funghi, it was Quorn mince) made by the lovely Willow, I am having some Wychcraft. It is thrice hopped too, much like the Hopping Hare (here), but makes less of that fact than its rival. Mind you, the gold foil on the bottle is similarly slightly green. maybe there's something in this odd colour choice...

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