Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Um... Flat

Which is the unfortunate reaction to my brewing. I tested the S.G. reading today, it was below 0.995. I have no idea what that means but it would appear to be a little overdone on the tasting - that is, there is a head that is vigorous and huge but it dissipates quickly. One shot-glass of it was enough to send me a bit funny and I suspect it to be rather strong.

I'm fairly certain that SG readings don't increase over time and so I think I may have killed this one. We shall see, I shall bottle some and distribute as last time and see if anyone like it. If not, well, chalk it up to experience and don't try brewing in a heatwave in a house without a cellar. In other words, the exact opposite problem that I faced last time. Too much heat and not transferring to a barrel quickly enough will, apparently, kill a beer rather than not.

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