Thursday, 14 August 2014

Beer Review: Venus

On a tour of the local ales I found this stocked in the local farm that has a shop and it came from another local brewery, who am I to argue with that? It was very much the one that leapt out to me though there are plenty more from this particular stable, all Roman themed. So, tonight it is the turn of the lovely titled Venus from the Latinate inspired, one assumes, Derventio Brewery.

Would you like to know more?

As one would expect from such a brew there isn't too much fuss on opening. The barest wisp of carbonation that is rapidly diminished and blown away. This was had to the accompaniment of much Epic Rap Battling and so I can't really be blamed for associating the enjoyment of the video below with the ale itself.

There was a sharp citrus nose that refused to pinned down to any particular fruit. Definitely hoppy, definitely acidic but no real identity beyond that, and that's no bad thing. This refused to be pigeonholed and asserted its individuality as it should. The carbonation was also quite low, which was nice. There was the ghost of a head, to remind you that this was a serious ale, but mostly it got on and poured well, leaving the sediment firmly in the bottle. I am becoming quite the fan of bottle-conditioned ales (as my review of Green Tights [link] will attest) and this was to be no exception to that rule. A very light colour, more straw than pale, on pouring. It was like something from the Derby Brewing Co. range, their Pale Ale (which is not yet reviewed) but there was something else about it that I can't quite place. In the event, it looked more straw coloured.

Once tasted there was a definite fizz on the tongue, odd given the lack of vigorous head or obvious bubbles, but welcome for the delivery of the taste. Sharp bitterness dominated the initial contact with the tastebuds and, in true Soviet military doctrine style, this was then exploited by the heavy units of more hops, accompanied by the lighter malt one would associate with the pale ales. A fusion of malt and hops follows in which it is difficult to pick out any big hitters but which confirms that this is a playful ale that will toy with perceptions before ending with a soft but pleasantly bitter aftertaste that puts one in mind of cloudy lemonade but without the certainty of lemon flavouring to confirm what you're drinking. Another one to chalk up to the almost thirst quenching aspect of these ales. Decent 5% ABV on this one allows it to be had on its own too, all the better to enjoy youtube with, I guess.

This is best enjoyed in front of something historically accurate but humorous such as an Epic Rap Battle featuring Watsky! or else something that engages the brain and allows you to simultaneously relax and laugh. It is a good ale to finish a day with, especially one out walking in the wilds in warm weather once the children are a-bed, but also one to have with company and to make sure one only drinks the single ale.

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