Monday, 21 October 2013

We're bubblin' it hot hot hooot

And if you get my reference in the title you are a) rather old and b) rather sad. If you don't, well done, you passed the test.

Just a little update: as of this morning my bucket has started to swell slightly and there are alarming bubbling noises every so often. I think this means that the yeast is doing its thing quite nicely despite the fact that the temperature is below the 20 degrees required (a constant 18 has been observed and that's pretty good). I think we're on track for a Friday evening adding of hops.

On bottling I may cheat and use IKEA bottles with replaceable stoppers for two reasons: I'm lazy and, more importantly, when I inevitably get it all wrong and the tops explode I can simply replace them. Actually, that's both the same reason: I'm lazy.

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