Tuesday, 29 October 2013


The beer has a name. It shall forever be officially known as Slightly Shitty Slow-Brewed Stag.

Would you like to more?

Seriously considering this image being the label...

Hops were added on Friday morning last week, later than planned due to being out at a snooker and curry night (which was great fun, by the by, and must be repeated at some point). A constant temperature has been maintained 'neath the stairs of 18 degrees (hence the 'slow-brewed' above) until today where, inexplicably, the temperature dropped to 12 degrees. Emergency heater in place, constant temp now 24 degrees.

Also, having visited the local home brewing shop (yes, there is such a thing), I now have a barrel into which to decant and condition my beer without sediment. Very helpful lady running the place with a wonderful shop - the kind you have to pick your way through to find things, brilliant! Puts me in mind of the late Librarian's bookshop in Lancaster back in the day, and that's a good thing, it is how shops ought to be. Anyway, the helpful lady told me of barrels and how one is better bottling in plastic bottles for a first time brewing (as when the bottle goes hard, that's when it's ready to drink). So, I am now the proud owner of a barrel that I can use to secondarily ferment my concoction.

The ten days was the initial fermenting, which, because it is slow-brewed, I have left a little longer and will decant into a barrel later this week, maybe by the end of the week. Then I need to add sugar, of all things, and then leave in a cooler place (our pantry) for about a fortnight. Those of you on tenterhooks for getting a bottle or a taste of this brew I'm afraid will have to wait just a little while longer yet. One thing I am considering is growing hops in our garden but I know that such a thing won't yield a crop that I can actually use for another two years so, alas, some slightly shitty Ilkeston hops beer will have to wait for a day looooong in the future.

Have now moved the bucket into the kitchen in a desperate attempt to save the brew. Quite exciting really.

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