Monday, 21 April 2014

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Well, I think I can safely drop all pretences now and claim that I have pretty much created a beer blog. I've added in some new search terms for those of you that like beers and want to be able to search through the reviews in a new way. I've tried to include the types of ales that I have reviewed and the ABVs of them. I was going to try and add other terms but I've no idea what people would actually like to see and search for. If you have any ideas on this matter, feel free to post comments below.

Would you like to delve deeper?

I have also been trying, and failing, to write posts about parenting. I do some of that from time to time and both of my children are growing up fast. However, there are some caveats to this endeavour if and when I even get so far as to write entries. The first, and arguably most important of these, is that despite the fact that I view myself as a Feminist I am also a Father who is a Feminist. When my wife and I come to divvy up the child rearing duties it is perhaps somewhat inevitable that I end up with the Boy and she ends up with Girlie. That's not to say that neither of us spend time with the other child on a one-to-one basis, merely that we spend most of our one-to-one time with the child who is the same gender. This is not even down to gender so much as it is down to parenting approach, which is a post for another time, and how it has been applied differently to our children on the basis that one that was born after the other (rather than their gender). The long and the short of it is that I have ended up with a much bigger role with our second child than with our first.

Secondly, despite the fact that I am now admitting that this blog is unlikely to yield an epic poem and much more likely to continue blogging about beer reviews, beer meet-ups and beer brewing, it was still a blog that was set up very much as a blog about Fatherhood and having a son. For that I make no apologies but offer warnings for the very male-centric view it offers of our family life, which is much more balanced than you would otherwise believe reading this blog alone.

The final point to make is that, apart from my weekly beer reviews, I am having a hard time making any posts on here. This is not through want of trying, but it may be better to accept that, for the time being, I shall be posting more reviews of beer than I shall be posting anything else. For that, I apologise, I'm sure that the beer reviews are one of the least popular aspects of this blog, but they are the parts that I find easiest to write and the most amusing to concoct. And it's my blog. So there.

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