Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Journey - Part 3

Seriously?  I'm writing a Part 3?  Haven't we all learned already that there is no continuity on this blog?  Apparently this isn't so much Owain's journey as it is one on which we try to discover what the chuff is going to be left for my son on his coming of age.

Would you like to know more?

Owain took pause, son removed from his brest, and knelt.
"Father God, I pray to you.
"I ask that you turn your face to shine
"On my son, my heir, the one you entrusted me with.
"That he be brave, and wise and swift.
"Brave to do what is right when called to do so
"Wise to know what is right in all times and places
"And swift to accomplish what is needed
"In this life rather than the next.
"I pray this that Aelthred be blessed,
"To take his place among men and among the saints,
"To be steward of all that you give to him,
"And to be all you need him to be."
A great amen, sighed and breathed, roared and shouted
So that the very trees shook with its power.
It was done.
Son was raised once more, face was set against the cold and journey restarted.

A random image of the Dimwald.  Because I can.  I think the
prayer took it out of me.

The prayer of Owain is pretty close to mine, obviously.  Perhaps I won't try too hard to create a huge history, perhaps a mythologised history, in which the Boy takes his role as the son of Owain, would be the best thing to run with.  Let Eowyn and Aelthred take their place as main characters in a supporting role in the epic.  It appears as though Owain and his heirs are going to take the centre stage of what I compose, which is very much not what I intended when setting out on this mad idea.

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