Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Whisper-stories: Lucy the Giant

Time for another tale from the children, if you can stomach it.

Would you like to know more?

As told to me, with some interpretation, by my daughter.

When the world was young there was a giant, the first giant ever and the oldest living thing, and she was called Lucy. Lucy was a stone giant because when she wasn't hunting for food she turned to stone so that she could sleep and last longer than the other giants. This meant that she stayed in one place. She spoke with the other animals and creatures and forest people but slowly and carefully. She took so long because she had to say what was right rather than what people wanted her to say and this made her wise. It was to Lucy that people would go to get advice and help.

When she hunted she looked for the things that giants eat, like wood and trees and branches. Grinding up wood into sawdust for flour to bake bread and make pastry for pies and mixing wood with grasses and leaves to make pie fillings. These were the foods of the giants and Lucy, being a giant, would eat these too. It was the giants that planted the trees of the forest and the Dimwald so that they would never go hungry and would always have something to eat. They let the animals and the people live in the woods so long as they did not cut down the trees or get rid of the forest because the giants needed it for food.

When the Evil Wizard came he tried to kill all of the giants with his bangs because they were older than him and there were more of them. They were not scared by his bangs and would not do as he asked them and so he tried to kill them. Most of them ran away from the bangs to live another day but Lucy did not because Lucy was a stone giant and could not run very fast. Lucy turned to stone and hid right in the middle of the Evil Wizard's city, he could not find her, made of stone, and she blended into the quarries and the buildings as she waited and watched. Sometimes she would speak to people that lived there and warn them that the Wizard was evil and that he was not really their friend and sometimes people would listen but most of the time they would not.

One day, when the Evil Wizard made the big bang with the mushroom cloud, Lucy saw everything disappear and she survived. It was thought that she had been killed too by the bang because there was a hole in her stone and making holes in the stone is how to kill stone giants. But it was all alright in the end because one of her friends saw that the hole was not in Lucy but in the big blocks left over from the Evil Wizard's tower. Now Lucy sleeps on, watching over the wastelands where the giants live once more, and waits for the time when the bad magic is finally gone and she can stop guarding it to stop other people from trying to be Evil Wizards. For now she waits and she listens rather than speaks.

I need to upload the photos to get an image to accompany this, I know, but we'll see how we go.

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